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The myth of stability in PAH: Assessing and treating patients for optimal outcomes


Substantial progress has been made in treating patients with PAH, however the long-term prognosis of patients remains poor. Patients may appear “clinically stable” while their underlying disease is not. While the rate of PAH progression may vary, it is well known today that the pulmonary vasculature and the right heart continue to deteriorate, regardless of initial or current functional class, in the vast majority of patients. This webinar will examine how vigilance in monitoring for early signs of clinical deterioration in so-called “stable” patients is essential for timely escalation of therapy when subtle changes are first recognized.


Learning objectives:

  • To understand that even PAH patients who appear “stable” may still experience disease progression
  • To discuss the best patient assessment and treatment options for optimal outcomes in your PAH patients

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47 Minutes
20002749 - Date of preparation: April 2020