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Take a picture: The role of imaging in PAH diagnosis and treatment


As PAH progresses, remodeling of the pulmonary vasculature triggers a chain of events that culminate in structural changes in the right ventricle as it adapts to the elevated vascular resistance and arterial pressures to maintain cardiac output. Imaging techniques such as cardiac MRI and echocardiography can be used to monitor these changes in morphology and function, as well as evaluate the impact of treatment on right ventricular function. This webinar will shed light on the role of right ventricular remodeling in PAH and patient prognosis and discuss the various imaging techniques available to assess right heart structure and function.  


Learning objective:

  • To understand the impact of right heart function in PAH and the imaging modalities used to monitor the right heart
  • To discuss the impact of therapeutic intervention on structural changes in the right heart



  • David Kiely
  • Anton Vonk Noordegraaf 

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53 Minutes
20003426 - Date of preparation: May 2020